I'm McKenzie, but you can call me Mack


I'm a Mechanical Engineer that simply fell in love with the idea of working with my hands. I studied at Florida State University and had aspirations of working for NASA, a passion that started around the age of 13, but let's just say 2008 and the years following had other plans so I dedicated myself to Industrial Automation. For about three years I got to be a roughneck, working in steel mills, tire plants, enormous food and beverage manufacturing locations, and even over 1000 feet underground in an active mine. 

I grew up on the beaches of South Florida, and I now cruise the streets of Chicago with my wife, Christina.

As I'm sure you can imagine, Revivalist Design didn't start as Revivalist Design. It started as a 1950's workbench that I wanted to convert into an office desk when I moved to Chicago. It then became it's own Instagram page, and the story goes from there. 

I've made furniture for family, friends, organic customers, and even major brands in Chicago and San Francisco. Every project is thrilling, especially when I hit the final stages, which are always the most gratifying. To see a piece of furniture come to life is something I continue to fall deeper in love with as the years have gone on.

All materials for commissions or production products are sourced from local sustainable suppliers and materials are always bought with the mindset to waste as little as possible.

Also, I am committed to donating a portion of each sale to the charity of the customer's choosing. Giving is truly one of the most rewarding acts a person can do, and I have found that it creates a stronger relationship between my customers and I.

I look forward to building something beautiful for you, your family, or your business, and learning what charity is important in your life and why. Thank you for your business.