image of white oak office desk. Has open storage with three shelves. Minimalist designed office desk with mitered edges and beveled front edge. There is a brass grommet for electrical cord management..
Another view of the minimal office desk in white oak. Mitered edges, beveled front edge, and open storage with three shelves. There is a brass grommet for electrical cord management.
close up view of the white oak wood grain in the open storage section of the custom designed white oak desk named the cascade desk. shows brass accents for modular shelf storage.
detailed view of the cascade desk. White oak finish. This image is a detailed view of the brass accents used for modular storage mounting holes inside the open storage area of this custom designed office desk.
view of the entire cascade desk. Shows mitered edges, beveled front edge, open storage area, and three shelves.
detailed view of the beveled face on the cascade desk. Custom designed bevel face was specific request from the customer. also shows details of the open storage area.
detailed picture of the white oak wood grain on the custom designed cascade desk. Shows the detail of the mitered edge connecting the top to the right leg, as well as a brass grommet on the top of the desk for electrical cable management

Cascade Desk

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  • Cerused White Oak
  • Waterfall mitered edge
  • Offset bevel face
  • Open modular storage
  • Brushed brass accents